About Us: 

Alphabellz is the manufacturer of  the MOST  Advanced Modular Systems & premium quality gym equipment for commercial and home usage. From manufacturing to maintenance, our team is experienced in consultation, commissioning and management of all types of heavy duty gym equipment.

What Alphabellz name stands for ?


Alpha refers to a dominant behavior, especially with respect to socially aggressive, hyper-masculine men.


It’s the end part of the most important equipment used in any gym or home like Dumbbells, Barbells, Kettlebells.

Why do we use “Z” instead of “S” in Alphabellz? 

Thought behind this is that letter A-Z carries so much broadness in it ,so the starting Alphabet is “A” and the ending Alphabet is “Z”. A-Z all equipment will be available under one brand.


Embedding fitness in DNA of every Pakistani

Alphabellz is made with the vision to develop fitness industry of Pakistan and educate our people about fitness and how they can maximize their benefits from minimum possible equipment.


To be the best Pakistani Fitness Equipment & Accessories brand admired GLOBALLY

We are looking ourselves as the upcoming Strength equipment brand in the world. We own so many innovative ideas that can be made possible by designing new machines and introducing them in fitness market of the world. We are working 24/7 to produce international standard equipment in Pakistan. No one can beat us in respect of quality & designing. We promise our customers to give them the experience they never thought off.

W H Y  U S ? 

There are so many local equipment manufacturers in Pakistan. But we believe that there is no one who can match our quality.

We have the knowledge, we have the degrees , we have the experience more than 12 years we spent in the fitness industry and study it deeply , we did our research and study biomechanics. And then we take a step forward in to the manufacturing line.

We have a team of specialists in the relevant fields.

We believe there is a need for education in this field so we started an academy to educate our clients about the product they are going to buy.

And why they should choose Modular machines.